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Bold, Smart,








What do you think of when you see these words?


We think Change Intelligence


If the complex and dynamic world we operate in means we’re unable to do tomorrow’s work with yesterdays thinking and doing the same things we’ve always done only gives us the same results, something has to change.


The true sign of intelligence is not knowing, but imagining. Albert Einstein


Facing into big challenges responsively requires bold and intelligent approaches

To us, being bold means the courage to refuse easy answers, such as one size fits all change approaches. As long as standard programs make no (or few) allowances for the strengths and limitations of business leaders or the environment and context the change is happening in, the most you can expect are standard results.

Change Intelligence turns this on its head. It faces into change with wisdom and curiosity about the context and driving forces for change (the art of change) and blends this with strategic responsiveness, discipline and flexibility (the science of change). The result is clarity and insight upfront into the areas of deepest change concern, allowing the most appropriate approaches and support to emerge that helps teams move with it (or past it) quickly.

Change Intelligence is the Blue Seed way

We let the change tell its own story and by working with the art and science of change in a disciplined manner, we enable collective intelligence and the best-fit approaches for intelligent change.

Our philosophy is about empowering changemakers from every corner of the organisation to play a role in delivering exceptional business results, in the face of continuous discontinuous change.


Stephen Hawking says Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change, what do you think?


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