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Our Blue Seed Directors reflect on their recipe for steering a fast-growing small business to greatness.

As we considered how we found ourselves standing in this unexpected moment, a small change management consulting business listed on the 2015 BRW Fast 100 list (!), we both thought about the invaluable lessons we have gleaned from our parents over the years.  We hope these, along with some notes on our philosophy and values, can inspire you:

  1. Eat your greens – get the basics rights … surround yourself with only the best talent, develop solid systems, be ‘entreperiskeal’ (we made this word up – it means being creative while taking calculated risks) … bringing the perfect blend of art and science.
  2. Do what you love – this old adage is the essence of Blue Seed. We know that leading, enabling and supporting Change (organisationally and personally) is a tough gig; so we must be wholly passionate about what we do to throw ourselves into that beautiful and crazy space every day!
  3. Don’t settle – we have flashes of clarity about the goals and outcomes we want to achieve and we’ve relentlessly pursued them without compromise, never saying yes to second best!
  4. Stay focused – we are always clear about the endpoint, plus the outcomes we want and while the pathway to get there isn’t always lit up in neon lights, we stay focused and we relentlessly follow through on our promises!
  5. Be Organic and By Design – we believe in having a carefully curated blend of art and science in our approach to Change. We aim not to have one dominate the other but to keep a sensible balance of both to generate the best outcomes.  This guides our decision-making and actions, both tactically and strategically.
  6. Keep your feet on the ground and reach into the universe – we’re growing so fast as a company and Change is constant for us too, so it’s becoming more and more important that we stay true to who we are and let that shine through in everything that we do.  Focusing on keeping our feet firmly on the ground is important for us, and greatness follows.
  7. Know who you are and what you stand for – our philosophy is about empowering our clients so they’re able to lead change from where they are standing.  We believe that this, along with careful analysis and planning upfront, enables smart and sustainable change pathways and outcomes for the organisations we support.  This in turn drives our business growth through repeat and referred work.  It’s a win-win approach, and it’s working.

We have an energy at Blue Seed that fuels our team to be the best that we can be for our awesome clients (and for each other!).  Our tight-knit family is guided by specific philosophies and a strong set of values that drives us in every one of our pursuits.

The spirit of Blue Seed is founded on five deeply held values.  It’s from here that we develop our culture, our brand, and our business strategies, and they drive every one of our pursuits:

  • We believe in ‘TRUTH’ – strong, positive relationships that are open and honest are a big part of who we are. We listen, express our thoughts with honesty and allow for diversity.
  • We are about ‘INTEGRITY’ – we are trusted as individuals, advisors, and as a business, and are never driven by greed. As a team, we are honest and truthful in our actions and remain congruent and consistent because our actions are fueled by our values, beliefs and principles.
  • ‘PASSION’ and determination are contagious. We believe in having a positive and optimistic (but realistic) attitude about everything we do because we notice that this inspires others to have the same attitude. We are more than just a team – we are a family. We watch out for each other, go above and beyond for each other because we believe in each other and we trust each other. We work and play together, and ‘a little weirdness’ is not out of the question!
  • We believe that anything is possible and ‘GENEROSITY’ is all about going the extra mile and feeling comfortable taking risks and making mistakes – for everyone’s development.  And we believe in the power of collective intelligence and momentum, and nurture this at every opportunity. Being generous with ourselves and for others also requires balance, which we strongly support.
  • Our philosophy is ‘SERVICE’ where anything worth doing is worth doing well. We are not an average company because the ‘serving’ we do has an emotional impact. People will always remember not what we said or did, but how we made them feel, and that’s what drives our exceptional customer-centricity with every action and interaction.

We’re feeling very proud and would like to thank our wonderful parents (and our team!) for all their wisdom and support.


  • Geoff Jessup says:

    Chantelle, Claire and the Blue Seed Team – congratulations on your success over the past five short(?) years. So the Seed has well and truly germinated (not that I’m suggesting a name change). As Blue Seed continues to grow key areas you may want to focus on are: resilience; inclusiveness; and sustainability. Wishing you well for the next five years of development. Geoff

  • Nicole van Barneveld says:

    A huge congratulations! I’ve learned a lot from you both – watching from the sidelines in the early days, then as part of the Blueseed family for a time, and then as a client – you guys are inspirational and the best of the best. Look forward to seeing your seed grow even more!

  • David Smart says:

    Many congratulations team Blue Seed! Much more success to come!

  • jacklin matti says:

    well done Chantelle – big fan!