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The world is changing. Global economics are shifting, and technology is fundamentally altering the way we live, work and relate to each other.

The fourth industrial revolution is underway – but is your business fit for the future?

Introducing the Change Intelligence (CQ) Index

We know that smart organisations and leaders are re-thinking how they can change themselves and their organisations to prepare to succeed in this rapidly evolving environment.

But we want to lead a deeper conversation about what these changes mean, which is why we’ve launched the world’s first Change Intelligence (CQ) Index.

We’re keen to gauge how leaders are responding to, or ignoring, the fluctuating landscape: are they barely keeping pace with technological advances, or investing in new systems to upskill the workforce? Is communication restricted to formal channels like newsletters or meetings for meetings’ sake, or is ‘working out loud’ valued? Is the customer the focus of every decision, action and role? Are organisational structures flatter, more flexible? Is it becoming change as usual, instead of business as usual?

We’re compiling insights from nine critical questions to take the pulse of our broad cross-section of clients, and beyond; to measure and track the progress of organisations as they adapt and progress on their journey to what we’re calling ‘Organisation 4.0’.

Who is ready for Organisation 4.0?

Our survey will help us develop the first tool of its kind exploring Change Intelligence, which we define as the ability to lead through disruption while applying a unique way of thinking, acting and being. CQ is a transformed way of working for the 21st century that can help your organisation become a thriving, adaptive, innovative, agile and unstoppable force, advancing complex ideas into outcomes with wisdom, courage, curiosity and discipline.

We’d welcome your insights to help us build the bigger picture: our results, which will be revealed in March, will inform the broader conversation, help focus additional research and make us even more targeted in the way we support our clients.

Some of the survey statements are provocative, inspiring and even challenging, but all are firmly anchored in our experience and research into the future of organisations and the changes that need to be made now in order to be future-ready.