What is change intelligence?

Change intelligence (CQ) is the ability to lead through disruption while applying a unique way of thinking acting and being. It helps advance complex ideas into outcomes with wisdom, courage, curiosity and discipline.

We can no longer solve tomorrow’s problems with yesterday’s thinking and tools.

The future is infinitely complex and ambiguous, and organisations must evolve their approach for relevance and success. We call this Change Intelligence or CQ.

CQ demands organisational agility and maturity, from all the change leadership roles within it.

And from these leaders, CQ requires evolved attitudes, approaches and behaviours, recognising that in times of growth, complexity and disruption it is not enough to have high IQ or EQ.

CQ is a Philosophy

Measured by an organisation’s ability to adapt to change

CQ is a Practice

Seamless execution of bespoke transformational change

CQ is a Leadership style

Evolved set of skills and behaviours that determines a change leaders’ capacity to successfully lead change


The Change Intelligent

Equipped with a new combination of skills and way of thinking. People speak of them as wise, self-aware, finely attuned to opportunities and threats, responsive, agile and inspiring.

They are a courageous leader, masterful communicators that pioneer new terrain and empower their teams to journey with them.


The Change Intelligent organisation

Bold, agile and mature with a keen eye for opportunity. They are ready for the disruptive headwinds of change, and use them as an updraft to propel them to even greater heights.

They combine the art and science of leadership with an evolved perspective and attitude to work, life and success. They nurture their change leaders’ capacity to successfully lead themselves and their teams through change, from wherever they stand in the organisation.

Change Intelligence is required by leaders today and into the future

How can you become Change Intelligent?

By adopting a Change Intelligent approach, your organisation is equipped with the tools and capabilities to thrive in changing landscapes. You’ll advance your ideas into outcomes, and bring your people along with you.

Partner with us to weave change intelligence into the fabric of your organisation. We let the change tell its own story, working with the art and science, doing so with discipline and relentless focus.


A practical training program for People Leaders, turning them into Change Makers