Partnerships & Affiliations

We have affiliations with several like-minded organisations and proudly partner with them in change.



We are passionate about giving back to our field with speaker events, mentoring, ongoing learning and are active member of the Change Management Institute of Australia (CMI).

All our consultants are professionally qualified in our field and accredited in a range of change management models, methods and tool.



We are members and supporters of the ACMP. Having attended the annual conferences over the past few years in the USA, we have seeded and nurtured a global network of change practitioners, exchanging best practice and lessons with 'our family’ all around the world.



We proudly partner with the Certus3 team on various client assignments.

Certus3 are experts in the management of large-scale and complex programs of work – their program delivery services support programs from the outset and rescue them if in trouble.

Our Blue Seed team has a solid grounding in business and project management, and there is nothing better than working with an exceptional Program and Project Management partner like Certus3.


Change Activation

Change Activation produce innovative videos, explainer posters and tools that support leaders within over 30,000 organisations worldwide to deliver change. Blue Seed Consulting is an accredited partner to provide implementation support for the Change Activation Toolkit, a scalable, ready-to-deploy, enterprise change management resource suite.

Giving back to the Community

Our Blue Seed team is passionate about giving back to causes close to our hearts. We happily enter into pro bono and volunteer partnerships as well as support a number of worthy charities and causes. We want to make a difference in the world, and making positive change happen at every opportunity is who we are.


Cure Brain Cancer

Many of us have been personally touched by cancer. As a team we want to affect change by contributing as much funding for research as we can. Brain cancer kills more children in Australia than any other disease, yet receives the least amount of research funding. Cure Brain Cancer’s mission is to increase survival to 50% within 10 years.

Together we are helping make this happen and are so proud to be supporting this very worthwhile cause.


Sky Harrington-Ellis and his family

We have close ties with the Harrington-Ellis family. Their beautiful little boy, Sky, fought a brave battle against the brain tumor he was diagnosed with at 13 months old. After numerous surgeries and treatments and bringing much light and love into the world, he lost his battle in 2015.

Our hearts are broken but we are on a crusade along with Sky’s amazing family to bring awareness and change to the very low funding for this type of cancer - too many families are suffering and we actively campaign to make change happen.

Sky will forever live in our hearts. Ongoing support for this cause is important – please click here to donate ›


Clown Doctors

Many kids in hospital face a hard time. Clown Doctors treat children in hospital with medicine of a different kind...doses of fun and laughter, so children can forget their illness for a moment and return to a world of fantasy and play. 'Clown Rounds' are conducted through all wards including intensive care and oncology, and most clinics including emergency and burns.

We hope our Sponsorship of a Clown Doctor will continue to help bring laughter, hope and special moments to sick children and their families.


World Vision

We proudly sponsor Laura Yelitza Valencia, who turned 7 years old this year (July 2017). [In fact, Laura and Blue Seed share a birth date!]

She lives in the Pampas Del Mirador Project in Colombia. The area has a number of problems affecting children and youth directly as well as the communities in general. Children face mistreatment, physical violence in schools and sexual abuse, and there are no protection structures in schools or the community. The area has high levels of unemployment, especially among women and youths, and education structures are generally poor.

We support Laura to help make a sustainable difference to her community.


Fred Hollows Foundation

We are active supporters of the foundation, helping their change maker Doctors restore sight to hundreds of people. Each year we directly help sight being restored to 20 people.

The current focus is on the health crisis in Ethiopia where Trachoma, a disease of poverty, is putting thousands of people at risk of blindness.

Earlier in the year Blue Seed were personally thanked by a Pediatric Ophthalmology doctor in Kenya as we helped to restore sight to a 6 year old boy who had been blind since birth.



Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife

We believe in the philosophy that from small seeds, great things grow, and proudly support the Foundation in their Plant a Tree For Me campaign.

There is a huge diversity of plant species across Australia. However, over the past 200 years, more than 75% of native vegetation has been destroyed or degraded by logging, urban expansion, climate change, pests and diseases.

This has also had a devastating effect on Australia’s native animals. Funds raised from the Plant a Tree For Me campaign will be put towards helping the Foundation grow native trees, increase biodiversity and protect wildlife.


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