Creating the conditions for change to thrive despite complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty takes self-awareness, smart thinking, planning and a lot of serious work. That’s what we do.

Understanding business environments and how people respond to change is at the core of our work.

Our Blue Seed family includes a broad range of experienced change management practitioners. We also have access to a network of suppliers, industry professionals and related resources to complement our expertise.

Meet our Leadership Team


Claire Clayton

Founder & Managing Director

Advisor. Business leader. Strategic provocateur.

"At Blue Seed Consulting we understand that no two change programs are the same and that one size never fits all.
We draw upon our extensive change management training and experience to guide development of fit-for-purpose solutions so our clients receive the approach that is right for their specific situation."



Chantäl Patruno

Founder & Managing Director

Advisor. Coach. Facilitator. Speaker. Relentless change maker.

“My passion is enabling business leaders to capably step up and lead change, whilst challenging them to play a bigger game. My personal philosophy is to be curious, creative and have the courage to stay true to myself while being in service of something much bigger than me - co-creating energy that ignites possibilities and converts fear into confidence.”


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