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Amplifying IT service standards via cloud and SaaS capabilities


Our client is a leading rail freight and port operator which forms the backbone of Australia’s global trade market with exposure to retail, mining, shipping, industrial, steel, automotive, and general cargo sectors. One of the fundamental elements within this project was to enable the IT team to better support the business by:

  • moving towards the Solution as a Service (SaaS) model
  • migration of core applications to the private cloud
  • framework redevelopment

The key focus of the business transition stream was to enable the stakeholders to understand and prepare for the changes prior, during and following the implementation of the respective releases.


The team from Blue Seed provided a structured approach to developing the post deployment support model that readied and enabled the IT Support team with the necessary skills and information to support the business.
This included:

  • setting up the roles and responsibilities matrix for the respective service offerings
  • providing detailed training and performance support materials
  • delivery of targeted communications to ensure information was cascaded to the right stakeholders, with the right message at the right time


The structured approach to developing and deploying the post deployment support model has enabled the IT support team to better support the business and minimise the traditional productivity dip at go live.

Key achievements included:

  • a smooth transition for IT Team to support the ‘Solution as a Service’ model
  • lifting capability and rigour around post implementation with a robust post deployment support model process and methodology that could be further re purposed within the organisation for future releases

“This project has delivered a robust process that we should continue to follow and be supported by everyone involved in IT work.

I have been involved in this deployment for many months from an IT BAU support perspective. As an initiative, I would like to see the methodologies and processes put in place by the Business Transition team continue to be followed by IT and the business long after the project is completed.

Far too often we see projects delivered to the business without consultation with the IT support teams. This leads to a lack of understanding of the applications deployed to the business, inability to properly support the application, lack of resourcing, lack of correct skills and a lack of ownership from IT. This is not a great place to start forming a positive relationship with the business.”

Key Business Stakeholder