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Assessing organisational change capability for a financial innovator


A Canadian bank had embarked on a three-year digital and business transformation agenda to reimagine banking and put customers’ happiness at its heart in a bid to adapt to changing customer preferences, leverage new technology and retain market share while keeping its innovative brand reputation.


With inconsistent results and widespread change fatigue, our Blue Seeders hit the ground running in Canada, applying the BSC Change Maturity Accelerator over five weeks: we engaged with staff at every level to gain deep insights into how the organisation managed change and transformation and how different teams perceived and experienced change.


The comprehensive understanding we built from interviews, workshops and surveys helped us craft a maturity report with a recommended transformation roadmap and resourcing plan to build change capability into the business and pilot a change program; as a result, our recommendations – which included creating a single view of all change to enable clarity and improve management of capacity planning – have been integrated into the bank’s 10-year transformation plan to enable the organisation to become future fit.