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Building a world class business with the customer at the centre

“I am constantly amazed at the effectiveness of the various mechanisms used to assist our teams – ranging from supporting learning and change to raising awareness and collaboration. They feel like fun, original, yet always on point to the greater purpose. It’s a credit to all involved for what’s happening around us. We are lucky to have Blue Seed along for the journey.”

Manager, Loss Prevention and Intervention


Imagine a world class insurance scheme that is simple, transparent and works in partnership with its customers? That’s the vision believed possible by our client, and they boldly embarked on a complex transition that required:

  • a new operating model and processes,
  • a systems platform,
  • and the establishment of new teams and functions.

The goal was to provide an excellent customer experience throughout the process, so they brought in third party specialist teams to work with them to ensure a seamless integration and take the vision from an idea to reality. Blue Seed Consulting played a key role in crafting a change strategy with supportive guidance through the transition, with the aim of minimising disruption and ensuring a positive outcome and experience for both internal teams and customers.

Throughout the whole transition, our client kept the customer at the centre and practised what they preached in their core value of empathy.


First, an initial assessment was required for early discovery and change diagnosis — identifying the why, what, when, who and how – preparing everyone involved to maximise the change potential.

It involved careful planning, strategic engagement, and meaningful communication, especially as the change extended across a number of simultaneous projects and work streams. An adaptable change framework was created to align activities across recruitment, process and operations and training for a fast, effective and repeatable change.

With the focus always on the customer, Blue Seed in partnership with our clients’ key leaders and its external providers, developed change interventions to explore the customer centric culture and values of the organisation. Employees ‘walked-a-mile’ in the shoes of their customers, and each other, to understand their refreshed roles and responsibilities in the new operating model, and how it would ‘feel’ from the customer’s perspective. The employees really developed the confidence and ability to get ready for the change, and importantly, uphold the organisation’s vision.


Our client often used the phrase, “We’re building a plane whilst it’s in the air”. Blue Seed engineered an approach that cuts through the chaos to co-create a solution that delivered the change seamlessly while leaving the customer facing teams confidently holding the reins to continue thriving in change.


Blue Seed consultants delivered a fun, yet meaningful experience for employees as they transitioned to new ways of working. There were minimal disruptions and unprecedented levels of customer service when doors were opened for business.

Not only that, the organisation now has a repeatable set of change tools to lift change capability for future change and to seamless on-board new team members.