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Employee-centred change management op-model supports frequent, efficient change delivery


With the change management successes evident during this Clients Retail Transformation program, Blue Seed was engaged to design and build a Change Management operating model. The model was to be launched across the Sales division as a prototype. Following the launch, there was a requirement to lift the change management skillset of the internal Sales Team and embed this capability across other divisions within the organisation.


The 3-month assignment focused on the following:

  • Co-designing of a fit-for-purpose change management Framework that integrates with the existing Project Management lifecycle and tools.
  • Designing & building a change management supporting Toolkit (aligned to Prosci) and associated user Guidelines to enable all members in the program and project community to deliver change activities tactically.
  • Designing and delivering a process and supporting tools for Release Planning (across all channels) and Heat Mapping, with monthly Readiness Forums attended by project representatives (senders of change) and business representatives (receivers of change).
  • Developing an Implementation plan to mobilise all senders and receivers of change around the new operating model.
  • Role modelling the new approach and associated behaviours and coaching key team members to lift capability and transfer knowledge.


An early indicator of success included 100% attendance rates at the New Release Planning and Heat Mapping/Readiness Forums. In addition, high early adoption rates of the new supporting tools being trialled have been reported. There has been and remains strong engagement in the process and active support from various functional representatives in relation to co-design work.
Our consultants have been ideally placed for this assignment by exhibiting:

  • Strong project management and design expertise.
  • Ability to build fit-for-purpose change management frameworks and toolkits that support credible co-design discussions, and;
  • Credibility and capability already demonstrated with proven successes on a live change program underway within the Organisation.

All signs are positive that the solution developed will continue to resonate with staff and drive change capability maturity for this business unit to the next level.