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Cost-effective, strategic alignment of sales, marketing and delivery for a products business

“I’m very happy with the advice and pragmatic support provided within a very tight timeframe. Our Blue Seed consultant was able to pick up very quickly our issues and address them in a way that enlisted our trust and respect”

Executive General Manager Global Services for Major Industry Service


This market leading industry services organization needed its global services sales, marketing and delivery capability to be consolidated into one group, consistent with Asia Pacific and international structures. They required change management support to ensure that the restructure was conducted smoothly and the newly formed leadership group was fully aligned to a clearly articulated vision. The organisation-restructure directly impacted 400 services based staff vital for the future of the overall organisation that traditionally is a product sales and maintenance business.


Blue Seed Consulting was engaged to provision the following two aims:

  • Be a trusted advisor and support the leadership through the formation period and ensure alignment towards a clearly articulated vision
  • Develop and assist in the delivery of effective communications interventions to ensure a smooth transition from group workshops to leader-led messaging.

The approach was context specific, fit-for-purpose and included:

  • Change management analysis, plans and recommendations based on an issues-based consulting approach and standard change management practices using tools such as stakeholder analysis, impact assessments, communication and training needs analysis
  • Development of a communications campaign, including company-wide messaging, videos, telecasts, and road trips that included round table sessions
  • Designed and facilitated workshops to enable the newly formed Senior Leadership Team to develop a clear strategy and vision for the new business area that was capable of both aligning upwards to international parents direction and cascading down to sales, finance and operational teams.


  • The reorganisation was delivered smoothly with a multi-channel and layered communication approach ensuring all stakeholders were well informed in a timely fashion and also had opportunities to clarify their concerns;
  • Key stakeholders at all levels from other parts of the organisation not directly involved but nonetheless indirectly impacted were also consulted and their concerns dealt with;
  • The Senior Leadership Team articulated their vision, purpose, mission, values, key strategies and priorities for the first eighteen months. A one page model assisted communication of these statements and demonstrated the alignment with that of the parent organisation; and
  • Leadership alignment was demonstrated, along with the overall restructure, tested by a tailored Pulse Survey.