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Energy company gets a buzz from training changes to support safe access

“The change management work, the progress updates and clarity provided to the Steering Committee is really appreciated and the actions on feedback are outstanding. Blue Seed is adding enormous value, don’t know where we’d be without your consultant’s great work ”

Energy Company Program Director


We were engaged by Australia’s leading integrated energy company and retailer who, after acquiring a number of previously government-owned energy generation sites, identified that the IT systems managing safe access to those sites for maintenance purposes differed. The client embarked on a project to introduce a single, consistent IT platform and related business process to manage site access, which also supported its cultural journey to become a unified ‘One Generation’ business providing energy to more than 4.3 million Australians.


Our consultants developed a comprehensive change strategy which included:

  • Stakeholder map
  • Change impact assessment
  • Communications and engagement plan
  • Training needs analysis
  • Learning specification and training strategy
  • Training rollout plan
  • Site readiness approach and plan
  • Support model
  • Adoption plan

The strategy also focused on developing internal change capability and plans were specifically tailored to internal functions where required to further support the shift towards a unified culture and mindset. After the change management activities had been executed, their status was tracked and reported to the Project Manager and project steering committee. Support was also given to the Project Manager with project delivery, stakeholder engagement and supplier management, specifically looking at areas which could affect the outcome like poor employee experience, untimely project delivery or poor solution design. Our advice and guidance resulted in a more effective and seamless project delivery and improved trust with business stakeholders.


Our consultants were principally engaged to deliver a change management program, so the initial focus was on developing the requisite strategy and executing our plans and the client was delighted with the quality of Blue Seed’s work in this area. In particular, the development of new business process training offered a significant benefit to our client, as the previous training had been generic and not tailored to an employee’s specific role. Through the change impact assessment, significant work was undertaken by our consultants to identify the different roles involved in the process and training courses were then developed specifically for each role, something which the client reported would save up to two hours of training per employee.