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Equipping leaders to create a change-capable culture

“I engaged Blue Seed Consulting to assist with the development of a fit for purpose toolkit to uplift organisational change capability for individuals, leaders and projects. I was really pleased with the product which enables people to be accountable for change with the support of information, training and tools to lift confidence and capability.”

Acting GM Transformation, Public sector insurance organisation


This client, a relatively newly formed public sector entity, was in the early stages of an organisation-wide business transformation program. They had ambitious plans to become a more customer-centric organisation. The Change Director engaged Blue Seed to assist in building capability in Change Leadership for the organisation as a whole.

The brief was to develop a design and approach for the Leadership Capability Development Program. As well as implement a leader-led solution to fit in with the proposed organisational culture.  The approach, design and implementation were to model the organisation’s aspiration of being an agile and adaptable organisation.


Blue Seed worked with the client stakeholder to co-design a framework, principles and approach to guide the development of the Change Leadership program for three constituencies in the organisation:

  • People Leaders
  • Project Staff
  • Individual Change Leaders

During the design process, the approach was to draw on the client’s internal change community to participate in a co-design process facilitated by Blue Seed. Once a viable prototype was on the table, a wider stakeholder group was invited to participate in the design of the solution, with significant adjustments made after each prototyping session.

The result of the participative process was a leader-led Change Leadership toolkit with a focus on changing mindsets, enabling change and growing capability.  Given the leader-led nature of the solution, the implementation plan aimed to create opportunities for the leaders to engage with the intranet based solution through a series of learning sessions, as well as piloting it through a number of projects, in what can be described as an ‘infuse’ approach.


Successful development of a fit for purpose toolkit to uplift organisational change capability for individuals, leaders and projects.

After a meaningful and participatory design process, the Change Leadership toolkit was launched successfully to be digitally available to all Change Leaders in the organisation. A series of participative learning sessions supporting the building of change leadership capability in the organisation was launched, with the first session successfully facilitated by Blue Seed. Blue Seed trained the internal change community in their roles of change leadership evangelists. They were the first line of support for the change leaders who want to use the toolkit with their staff and on their project teams. Once the toolkit was digitally available, the take-up and feedback from leaders were very encouraging. The end of Blue Seed’s assignment was only the beginning of the ‘infusion’ of change leadership in the organisation, with the central change team left well placed to support the organisation’s ongoing journey towards being more agile and adaptable.