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Analysis of regulatory changes brings unexpected long-term benefits for energy firm


Our client delivers world-class insurance and care services to the businesses, people and communities of NSW. As part of their workers’ insurance business strategy, the company planned to replace its existing claims systems with a single platform capable of supporting improved return-to-work outcomes and increased empathy, efficiency and empowerment. The aim of the new technology was to enable the business to make accurate and timely decisions and improve the quality and speed of customer service.


Blue Seed Consulting was brought on board to assess the impact of the change program, with outcomes to feed into training, user acceptance testing, communications and other areas for three months in preparation for the next stage of project delivery. Our team organised and facilitated a series of system showcases as well as follow-up workshops with all relevant business units, as well as managing stakeholders and engagement timelines, developing FAQs resulting from engagement activities, and leading into the next round of deeper-dive workshops. The insights, risks and considerations were then fed back to every project workstream for ongoing use.


In partnership with the client, Blue Seed engaged more than 140 staff members, with more in-depth engagement of 24 super-users. Five system showcases were run, followed by six supporting workshops; preparation of the next round of experience workshops was also supported. Despite tight timeframes, limited system and technical expert availability and no prior engagement between the technical team and the business, we were able to offer useful insights, risks and considerations for all project streams, assessing major impacts across operational teams. In addition, non-operational teams were engaged to determine high-level impacts across support teams, and to determine training requirements.