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Organisational Change Management Strategy to support once in a generation transformation

The context

This New Zealand government agency has commenced a once in a generation transformation program to reshape the way they will deliver services and operate. This comes at a time when government agencies are facing unprecedented public and media scrutiny regarding services and outcomes.

The challenge

In collaboration with the transformation program leadership team, Blue Seed Consulting developed (over 10 weeks), an ‘industrial strength’ Change, Capability and Transition Strategy. The strategy aimed to ensure that the high volume and complexity of change for staff (9,750), external partners and communities could be safely managed, landed and embedded into a modernised and digitised new operating model.

Our approach

Blue Seed was engaged to provide a highly experienced change management consulting team to engage a multitude of stakeholders at all levels, including engagement with those most senior – to understand the impacts, opportunities, changes and expectations ahead.

Leveraging our experience in the challenges and the high risk profile of transformational change, Blue Seed applied a proven methodology to analyse the current and future state operating model designs, the organisational environment, and key components of the organisation’s culture to create a change impact profile for the workforce and external parties and draw a ‘true’ picture of the scale and magnitude of the change ahead.

We brought all of our collective leadership and business experience to bear to develop a strategy, based on five strong pillars, illustrating how our client will need to manage the scale of changes to their workforce, its partners, and the New Zealand community. The Program Change, Capability and Transition Strategy provided a roadmap for building strong change foundations and establishing a scalable capability to deliver a multitude of changes across hundreds of initiatives.

The outcome

Following Blue Seed’s collaborative and proven process, the Program Change, Capability and Transition Strategy was endorsed by the Executive and designated the strategy to be implemented to enable multi-year delivery and multi-year outcomes.

The benefits of the Strategy included:

  • Strategic alignment of all key stakeholders to the change challenge and how the program will address it – internal and external
  • Awakening and understanding of all stakeholder roles, including executive leaders and managers in leading the change
  • A clear understanding of the ‘true picture’ of high-level change impacts and risks, how they will be managed, and the supporting investment profile
  • Clarity in the roadmap to engage the workforce and bring all stakeholders on the implementation and adoption journey
  • Confidence that the program is highly likely to achieve its objectives and the high-risk profile will be mitigated and managed.

Blue Seed Consulting continues to be engaged as this client’s transformation change, capability and transition delivery partner.

““Blue Seed Consulting provided
The industrial strength capability and experience required for our organisation to truly understand the impacts, opportunities, risks and investment needed to manage the large scale and complexity of the change ahead.

This work came off the back of Blue Seed Consulting’s assessment of our change capability which resonated with the Executive and leadership. Blue Seed’s roadmap, recommendations and continued expertise are helping us build a capability that will enable us to deliver a period of transformational change for our organisation.””

Executive Director, Strategy & Transformation