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Organisational redesign for digital powerhouse on a growth trajectory


Our Client experienced rapid business growth which brought about challenges in servicing their clients and managing and retaining their employees (the company had doubled in size within 12 months).

Our Client realised that to sustain their growth they had to develop a business strategy that would help them maximise the value of their clients. Their organisation, people and operations however were not aligned to deliver on their business strategy.

Their organisational structure and operational model did not provide their clients with a single point of contact and ownership across all their needs and products. Their people lacked the appropriate training and career paths, and their rudimentary performance appraisal process was not driving the right outcomes for the business, or indeed their people.


Blue Seed Consulting worked with the leaders and employees to redesign and implement a new way of servicing their clients. Our detailed analysis and diagnosis of existing people processes, organisational structure and operational model enabled us to identify why they could not deliver their business strategy and identified points of pain that needed to be addressed in the correct sequence.

Blue Seed Consulting ensured the new organisational structure and operational model was redesigned based on well-defined and agreed design criteria. In partnership with the client, Blue Seed Consulting provided expertise particularly in the areas of organisation, team and job design, communications and engagement and performance management systems.
This was combined with various hands-on activities and interventions, including staff interviews, attendance at team meetings, review of company documentation and observations while co-located with the teams through the engagement.

Importantly, tools and materials were provided to the Leaders, enabling them to lead the change with their teams.


Based on the diagnosis and findings, Blue Seed Consulting was engaged to partner with the Client to implement all change recommendations. These included the design and delivery of:

  • a refreshed company DNA and supporting set of values
  • a new organisational structure and operating model
  • a new performance management system, complete with leader toolkit and training
  • a set of communications tools and materials to enable leaders and engage teams on the change journey

The change program spanned an 8 week period with embedding activities continuing for an additional 3 months.