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Turnaround of an ERP implementation for a major global services company


This company was heading at full speed towards the largest system implementation in its company’s history. This new platform was going to be a cornerstone for subsequent system releases and an enabler for significant and much needed process re-engineering. When Blue Seed Consulting was approached about this project, considerably work was being done in all streams except the people stream and the experience with change management so far had not been positive. The project was rapidly moving towards launch but leaders and staff were not well engaged or being mobilised ready for the change.


Our consultant quickly established a baseline regarding the impending people impacts from which they developed comprehensive plans regarding engagement, communications and education. After getting the plans endorsed, the consultant worked closely partnering with leaders to ready themselves and their teams for launch. A range of communication initiatives including short videos, a poster campaign, share back packs and town halls were twinned with education and support tools (a super user network, competency assessments, and quick reference guides) to ready the business teams for implementation all at lightning speed.


By working with and coaching leaders to drive the change – managers were clear on what was expected from them and had the opportunity to more effectively lead their staff through this challenging time; The use of fit for purpose materials meant staff knew what the new system and processes were going to be, when they’d need to do things differently and how their manager was going to support them, as they adjusted to a new way of doing things.

Despite being brought into the project so close to delivery, Blue Seed were able to positively influence the changes felt by the business. Our consultant was able to draw upon her extensive experience with systems implementations to quickly design, build and deliver tangible change interventions that were highly tactical in nature and fit for purpose. The client was impressed with the value we were able to bring in a short time frame, resulting in Blue Seed partnering with the company in subsequent projects and being made a preferred supplier for the provision of change management services across the company.