Evolve your Culture & Leadership Readiness

In the midst of change, it’s the ambiguity that gets us stuck.
How will the change affect us, and me?”
“Am I losing something as a result?”
“I don’t understand how this will work, nor my place in it.”
Consequently, our reactions don’t mirror our best selves. So often we cling to what we know and try to avoid the inevitable change that’s coming.

Leading a change culture

Exceptional leadership, during change, drives engagement and delivers extraordinary organisational results.

Blue Seed works with leaders and teams to shift culture. We diagnose, recommend and deliver results with proven techniques.

We help by:


Transforming Culture of your teams

With fresh eyes we diagnose and design the best strategies to move your culture into the future that you’ve envisioned.


Culture change Diagnosis and Recommendations

We simultaneously address mindset, behaviour, culture and systems in our integrated solutions.

Working together we:

  • Gather change intelligence and diagnose culture using various approaches and tools
  • Clearly define the scope, best approaches and measures for culture change activities

Culture break-through delivers win for business.


Culture change Delivery

We support and design change solutions from behind the scenes and your leaders stay in charge.

Working together we:

  • Validate and/or co-create the Case and the Story for Change, aligned to broader strategies
  • Within weeks, you'll have an integrated roadmap to make your vision a reality with defined activities and time horizons
  • Anchor culture activities to appropriate frameworks and tools
  • Define critical success measures and tracking mechanisms
  • Deliver (end to end) all culture change interventions

Co-designed culture plans delivered seamlessly.

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“We undertook significant change to our organisational structure and culture in 2015/16. Realising that we did not have the required Change Management skills we contracted Blue Seed to provide that. With little time to get up and running the Blue Seed practitioners came to our help. They quickly assessed what was required, built rapport with the change management team and executive team and developed a methodology and way ahead. Without their support our project could have been significantly delayed or seriously flawed due to lack of engagement by staff. I thank them sincerely for their efforts."

CEO, Federal Government Agency, August 2016

Powering up your Change Leaders

There is an evolved set of skills and behaviours to successfully lead themselves and their teams through change. And we believe that it can be learned.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”



Coaching Change Leaders

We coach and mentor leaders according to your change agenda and goals, and their personal aspirations.

We partner with change leaders to:

  • Identify their adaptive leadership challenges and build the capacity to exercise leadership masterfully during times of change
  • deal more effectively with the complexity, chaos and speed of the change they and their teams face
  • become more self-aware, expand their mindsets and transform their personal behaviours and leadership practices

Coaching Programs for Change Leaders


Developing teams during changing times

We co-design and deliver bespoke leadership programs based on your specific business outcomes.

We include blended learning experiences:

  • Participative approaches (business scenarios / simulations, use of themes, fables and multi-media to cater for all learning styles)
  • Video recordings and playbacks
  • Theatre based learning using actors
  • Practical on the job application for all the content we cover
  • Digital learning methods and games
  • Appropriate pre-workshop activities and post program follow up with measurement and reporting

High performing team development workshop

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“Chantal's method and approach to facilitation and public speaking is deeply rooted in Blue Seed's Change Intelligence philosophy and inspires calm, centred and insightful engagement from those being 'facilitated' and 'inspired'. I use 'inspired' in place of 'educated' or 'informed' as any engagement with Chantal provides an elevated multi-faceted experience, using 'education' as the starting point but enticing the recipient to both receive her message and experience an upward shift in mood. Chantal's expertly draws on her physicality, voice, stance and appearance to evoke the above. “


Business Transition Lead, Feb 2017

“Thank You! I really enjoyed the workshop – it was packed full of useful information but also allowed time for practical application, deep discussions and reflection. I felt very energised afterwards!”


Executive Manager Capability and Training, Risk Performance and Operations, Financial Services, July 2016

“In terms of feedback on areas to improve I am struggling a bit. Everything was great and the proof that the day was a great success and that the planning and execution from you was spot on comes through so clearly in the captured video. I certainly think the idea of videoing the outputs has turned out to be a real winner.

Well done. And Thank You!”   

GM Program Delivery, Financial Services, January 2015

“Fantastic workshop and learning, a lot of value. Helps to have very experienced facilitator with many great examples & stories. Love the focus on 'art' as many courses/texts focus mostly on science.” 

Change Delivery & Integration, Financial Services, November 2014

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