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Set yourself up for success

Asking the right questions upfront will often determine your change outcomes at the end. That’s why we created the Change Gauge Tool.


Questions the experts ask


The Change Gauge Tool empowers you to assess the scale, complexity and challenges of your organisational change, asking the questions our expert Change Practitioners would.

When we work with clients during complex change programs one of the most vital steps is the initial diagnostic phase, or upfront analysis

We ask:

  • How complex is the change?
  • How many people are affected?
  • How many decision makers need to be considered?
  • Is it large scale or concentrated, etc.

From this point of knowing, our experienced team partner with our clients towards a fit-for-purpose change approach.

Our philosophy is about empowering you, so you can lead change from where you're standing. We believe that this, along with careful analysis and planning upfront enables smart and sustainable change pathways.


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