Change Intelligence
for Change Makers

A practical program for People Leaders, turning them into Change Makers

Organisations must continually invest in their change capability to prepare for the future.

What got your organisation to where it is won’t get it to where it must go. Change is complex and your change leadership capability must stay in step.

Change Intelligence or ‘CQ’ is an evolved way of leading through disruptive change.

CQ turns people leaders into change makers, equipping them to lead themselves and their teams confidently through constant change.

Change Makers play a vital role in the ‘organisational change system’ and need to be capable, adaptive and ready.

Blue Seed Change wheel

The Change Intelligent leader:
Learn and Apply lifetime techniques

This practical program will power up leadership capability, confidence and a transformational mindset for People Leaders who are responsible for change outcomes.

Through this dynamic program, people leaders will be able to:


Reframe their change mindset so they can lead themselves in and through change


Harness key strategies to put change in motion and make it stick


Become a communications expert advocating for and on behalf of the change

More about the Change Maker Program

The Program includes reflection and reinforcing mechanisms to bolster learning and immediate workplace application. Action prompts, coaching circles and a self-directed online collaboration forum.


Personalised Invitation

Engages participants for learning readiness

Change Maker Self Assessment #1

Checks baseline change leader confidence and capability


1 full day or 2 half day workshops

Shaped to suit your operational needs

Relevant and Fun

An immersive, engaging experience to maximise learning

Learn and practice change leaderships skills immediately

Participants work together to practise the skills and tools that link to their working world, and apply these immediately

Commitments to the ‘art and science’ of change making

Participants make commitments about how they will lead themselves and their teams through change


CQ Explorer – Change Leader Action Prompts

6 x Personalised prompts for ‘change making’ action, to reinforce workplace application

CQ Connect – Secured Collaboration Forum

A self-directed online forum open to change makers across industries and organisations

CQ Insights – Relevant blogs and insights

Change leadership blogs, insights and resources sent directly to your inbox

CQ Mentoring – small groups or individuals

(additional fee)

Tailored to reinforce learning and amplify workplace experiences

Change Maker Self Assessment #2

Post program, to highlight any shifts in change leader confidence and capability


Change is everyone's job.

We believe that everyone in the organisation needs change capabilities, from Executives to Front Line leaders and teams.

Why turn Managers into Change Makers?

Change Intelligence (CQ) is now the number one leadership trait.
The CQ leader has the people skills and confidence as well as the tools and techniques to succeed with any change.

Today’s start-ups and future-thinking tech firms consider their entire workforce to be Change Makers.
They are well-positioned to adapt to digital disruption and succeed amidst uncertainty.

Is your organisation capable of keeping up with these adaptable and fast-moving competitors?


Equipping your leaders in Change Intelligence will result in significant business value:

Change Makers:

  • They will be better equipped to cope with a multitude of changes impacting them and their people, resulting in improved productivity for themselves and their teams.
  • They will be more capable of guiding their people through changes. This ensures their people remain engaged and retained with minimal distraction from BAU while maximising change adoption – this in turn ensures greater benefits are realised for them, their business and their customers.

Change Architects & shareholders:

  • Strategic investments will achieve higher returns. They will have more value realised for their projects as change makers and their people fully adopt and absorb change quickly with minimal BAU disruption.
  • Project delivery could be sped up to enable benefit realisation to start sooner, as the business will be more capable of adopting change quickly and efficiently

Change Enablers:

  • Effectiveness of their change interventions will be amplified by Change Makers’ increased ability to adopt, interpret and implement sustained change among their people.
  • An efficient ‘change culture’ will develop where and change enablers will find it faster and more efficient to deliver interventions to the business, saving them time and headaches.


  • Sales and service staff impacted by change will be less distracted by organisational changes and have more time to spend on customer relationships and addressing customer needs
  • Staff will have greater understanding of new products, digital customer offerings and customer service strategies (or whatever customer-centric changes you are delivering) and hence have greater ability to sell these new revenue-generating services

“I attended the program during a time of extreme change at work and really appreciated the practical tools I learnt from the Blue Seed Consulting Team.

It’s a great experiential journey which makes learning about change a really fun experience. I now know how to manage change within a simple framework and it certainly helped me lead my team effectively.

I highly recommend this program to all change makers out there. It gives you the confidence to successfully manage change in any scenario."

Head of NSW Banking Team, BOQ Specialist 

"In my personal opinion, the ‘change intelligence for change makers’ program includes the best one day workshop for leading change that I have seen to date. The presentations are engaging, informative and polished with high quality collateral and a focus on creating the right learning environment. From the moment that our participants walk into the room they feel excited and know that this will be a special learning experience.

The content is a nice mix of theory, practical tools and great change management models especially on change sustainability. There is also time for practical application and group discussion. The expert facilitators ensure that there is a safe environment to speak openly and candidly and it is incredible to see so many ‘aha moments’ due to these facilitated conversations.

Blue seed worked closely with us and tailored the course to the experience level of the participants so that it ‘hits the mark’ each time.”



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