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Helping organisations understand workplace needs and navigate the optimal set up for customers, employee and business performance.

The nature of the workplace changed significantly in the last decade. From activity-based working to the COVID-driven imperative of the ‘work from anywhere’ workplace.

As workplace strategy teams refine their approach in the post-COVID world, getting employees on board to understand and support the change will be critical to driving value.

The Challenge

Workplace transformations and relocations raise sensitive issues with employees. Impacts to commutes, family time raise concerns, not to mentioned diverse preferences related to the physical workplace.

Workplace transformations, relocations and remote work policy changes demand exceptional communication and engagement with employees at all levels.

What is your catalyst for change?

  • Hybrid working
  • Customer experience
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee retention
  • Relocation
  • New ways of working

How we can help

Change Readiness Accelerator

Rapidly align stakeholders to your target state and know the way to get there, with Blue Seed’s unique Accelerator methodology.

Tech-Change Management Strategy

Every system and every organisation is different. The cookie-cutter won’t work. Build clarity and confidence with a creatively crafted change strategy, designed for your workforce’s needs.

Human-Centred Change Implementation

Workplaces don’t deliver value. It is the users that leverage it, who capture its value. But only if they know how and want to.

Client stories

Recognising and valuing staff concerns smooths the path for office move

Change the workplace, change the organisation

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