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Aligning leaders and org culture to op-model design, key to lasting M&A benefits


Following the acquisition of a rival company, our client engaged Blue Seed to work on a Transformation Program whose main objective was to bring the two companies together, aligning systems, process and people. To intensify and scale one of their current product offerings. The organisation had a suite of wealth management cradle to grave products, supported by complex process and systems with significant compliance parameters.

The integration impacts were both internal and external to the organisation. The change was very complex in nature, as it had competing objectives in respect to client account transition, regulatory communication requirements and customer experience. Timeframes were set by FSL (financial services licence) requirements.

Blue Seed worked with the client at both a strategic and tactical level to help design the new operating model, organisational structure and client transition strategy (including marketing) and the mobilisation plan that would help the organisation achieve the change.
There were three streams on the program, each integrating a different part of the business.


A key challenge of the initiative was to bring two distinct and quite different leaderships teams together to form one company and design the future of the business.

Our Blue Seed consultants worked very closely with the leadership to help them design and define the future operating model and organisational structure. They also worked closely with business subject matter experts to define the change and in this way they were able to design a fit for purpose change strategy to help deliver the future model seamlessly into the business.
The change strategy included a robust stakeholder engagement piece, a strong internal and external communications campaign and a comprehensive training and support model to deliver the required skills across the business.


All three streams of the Program were delivered successfully from a change perspective, with employees feeling engaged and well supported through the transition.

Solid training and a strong support model were key in equipping and supporting the teams as they moved to their new operating model.