Equip your people for organisational change

Change is a critical capability, we’ll help you build it stronger, faster, better.

Organisational Change is a teamwork thing…

Our focus is all about delivering organisational change. But most of all it is about developing your change capability – stronger | faster | better.

Your whole team needs change capability, your executives, front line leaders and team members.

Blue Seed’s unique organisational change programs are engaging, fast-paced and works for all your people. We call it Change Intelligence.

What is your catalyst for building change capability?

  • Digital & business transformation
  • Operating model pressures
  • New market entrants or forces
  • ERP implementation
  • Hybrid working
  • Culture or governance review

What is Change Intelligence (CQ)?

Change Intelligence - the superpower you need to to have to make change happen

Imagine a future where you announce a large-scale change program and your whole team – senior leaders and employees – respond with confidence and ownership.

Blue Seed’s Change Intelligence programs makes it happen. By building a confident mindset we help you develop the skills and tools for change. This is how all your people gain the ability to raise your organisation’s performance levels and together build a brighter future.

Putting everyone in the driver’s seat of change.

About the programs

Blue Seed’s tailored CQ programs help organisations co-design their training session to cover the topics most relevant to them.

Delivered in practical and interactive sessions, it’s the ideal forum for powering any team to improve collaboration and build positive change mindsets.

Ensure your Executive team is aligned and equipped to bring about change. This bespoke program will amplify executives’ change leadership impact and align them for the organisational change challenges ahead.

Give your leaders the skills, confidence and tools to navigate and lead their teams through complex organisational change. CQ Leader is an immersive, experiential program, where leaders apply learning to real change programs.

Supporting your people to thrive in change, this practical workshop, gives your people the tools and techniques to lead themselves through the uncertainty and ambiguity of change.

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