Organisational change capability

Give your people the right change skills, tools, governance frameworks and methodologies to successfully deliver organisational change.

If nothing else, COVID-19 taught the world that change agility is one of the single biggest drivers of organisational success and sustainability. Resilience, rapid behavioural adaptation and tactical flexibility defines winners and losers during crisis and transformation.

Blue Seed assesses how well your organisation leads and manages change, by looking at your Change Capability Assets across system, process and cultural dimensions. We then help you develop the Change Capability Assets you need to transform with less resistance and more predictable success.

The Challenge

Most organisation focus on the delivery of distinct projects, rather than enabling their enterprise-wide capability to deliver consistent change success across the business. Projects tend to rise then pass out of existence entirely, often losing capability as project contractors exit.

The most exceptional leaders we work with are intent on leaving their organisations in better shape than when they found them. They don’t just want to deliver change; they want the organisation to be future-fit; with enterprise change agility codified into operational systems, processes and culture. They are not solely dependent on project-based resources that come and go.

What is your catalyst for change?

  • Employee engagement
  • Customer experience
  • Change program on the horizon
  • …or you’re in the thick of it
  • Change in strategy
  • Change has been difficult in the past
  • Change is met with resistance
  • Inconsistent approach to change

How we can help

Cultural Agility

Use Blue Seed’s proven Culture Change Accelerator method to give your people the mindset, beliefs and behaviours to thrive in constant change.

Change Maturity Accelerator

Assess the Change Capability Assets you need to transform then lift the change maturity and agility of your business.

Change Portfolio Management & Governance

Build and manage the systems and processes to govern the transformation portfolio.

Change Training Programs

Transformation success hinges on leadership. Prepare your people to perform.

Change as a Service (CAAS)

Create structure, confidence and certainty by outsourcing your change management function to our team, to rapidly enable large-scale change.

Change Ambassador Program

Move past change resistance to create a workforce movement that pulls transformation towards it.

Client stories

Change the leadership to change the game

Repeatable change architecture reduces the cost to deliver change

Learning and capability framework delivered for State Government Department

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