Operational risk or regulatory alignment

Aligning your people, processes and systems to compliance, risk and regulatory changes is only as successful as the change in behaviour.

The Challenge

Australia’s Royal Commission into Conduct in the Banking and Financial Service Sector unveiled widespread regulatory breaches. This has impacted all sectors, as leaders ask: “how do we ensure this doesn’t occur in our business?”

Organisations are now under even greater scrutiny to ensure adequate controls are in place, to mitigate the risk of compliance issues. Employees must understand, support and adhere to regulations and adapt quickly as they change.

What is your catalyst for change?

  • New regulations
  • Compliance issues
  • Client data consent
  • Governance review
  • Changes to people, processes and systems
  • Cyber risks, data breaches

How we can help

Blue Seed’s change training programs

Change is everyone’s job. Equip your people for organisational change

Change Readiness Accelerator

Rapidly align stakeholders to your target state and know the way to get there, with Blue Seed’s unique Accelerator methodology.

Change Management Strategy

Every regulation and every organisation is different. The cookie-cutter won’t work. Build clarity and confidence with a creatively crafted change strategy, designed for your workforce’s needs.

Human-Centred Change Implementation

Blue Seed focuses on understanding the workforce, teams and individuals impacted, to ensure a targeted approach to driving understanding and compliance.

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