Change is a constant in everyone’s life

The Change Capable People program is tailored to enable organisations to co-design their training sessions to encompass the topics most relevant to them. They are the ideal forum for powering up teams to improve collaboration and positive change mindsets.

Topics include

  • People’s role in organisational change
  • The emotions of change
  • Understanding responses to change and how to reframe them
  • Tips, tools and personal planning for change


  • Build high-performing, resilient teams who are curious, creative and accountable for delivery
  • Gain practical tools and common language to regain control of their choices and the confidence to be change ready

About the program

Change Capable People helps build high-performing, resilient teams who are curious, creative and accountable for delivery,

Who should attend:

  • All people in organisations preparing for or experiencing change

Program delivery:

  • 2-3 hour workshop
  • Virtual or face to face delivery
  • Up to 16 participants per session

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Enabling change agility with Blue Seed’s Change Training

Enabling change capability through technology, culture and change leadership development

About the programs

Blue Seed’s tailored Change Capable programs help organisations co-design their training session to cover the topics most relevant to them.

Delivered in practical and interactive sessions, it’s the ideal forum for powering any team to improve collaboration and build positive change mindsets.

Ensure your Executive team is aligned and equipped to bring about change. This bespoke program will amplify executives’ change leadership impact and align them for the organisational change challenges ahead.

Give your leaders the skills, confidence and tools to navigate and lead their teams through complex organisational change. Change Capable Leader is an immersive, experiential program, where leaders apply learning to real change programs.

Supporting your people to thrive in change, this practical workshop gives your people the tools and techniques to lead themselves through the uncertainty and ambiguity of change.