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Design thinking ensures tech change supports people and sales


In keeping with our ever-evolving times, one of Australia’s largest media publishing companies revised their pricing strategy to simplify and standardise product offerings to customers. Blue Seed Consulting was approached to provide professional change services to assist with the downstream impact on the realignment of their digital product booking employees, their processes and system. The desired results were significant efficiencies and improved experience in the sales pipeline for digital teams.


Through a multi-layer analysis with key stakeholders, Blue Seed Consulting swiftly identified the change audience, assessed their requirements and drew up a change strategy and plan.

Human-Centred Design facilitation tools were used to frame the challenge and identify appropriate solutions for both the change and governance of the sales booking process. This assisted staff in looking at the change from an end-user AND customer experience perspective, instead of only focusing on the technology.

Information sessions, walk-a-miles, system demos and virtual seminars were performed for both national and international stakeholders and teams impacted by the change.

A key success factor was Blue Seed’s ability to work beyond organisational boundaries and silos, aligning other project teams and internal functions to ensure that all the various initiatives were staged correctly and the appropriate people were empowered to lead the change from within.

Blue Seed worked closely with the client’s HR learning & development team to develop training content and interventions that included the case for change, governance processes and system enhancements.

An online/virtual community of support was also successfully developed and established to connect end users and experts for swifter issue resolution.


Blue Seed achieved the following:

  1. Aware, knowledgeable and capable end users, who were involved and eager to use the system
  2. A governance process that was client/employee centric and co-created by all parties resulting in immediate “buy-in”
  3. An active community of support and resources to sustain the process beyond go-live