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The need for ‘good’ change

Most businesses understand the need for change because without adapting they gradually lose their competitive advantage and ultimately fail, a relic to their industry and ego (goodbye Kodak). But understanding and actively appreciating ‘good’ change management, takes targeted effort, capability and change strategy – on-the-ground skills many businesses lack.

It’s a truism that change is a constant force in every organisation. With every new leadership hire, new project, restructure, technology implementation, relocation or office move, transformation is underway. But following any change implementation, questions often remain as to whether the change either achieved its ROI, or if the adoption has ‘stuck’ within the business, with objective answers hard to find.

So, what do you do if you’re an organisation that wants to lean into successful change, increase your existing change maturity, or lack the visibility around the process, adoption and success of previous change?

Leaning into change

One of Australia’s largest automotive finance and insurance firms, with an ongoing business improvement and transformation strategy, came to Blue Seed looking to increase their change maturity, aware they had inconsistent and varying levels of change experience.

By assessing the needs of the organisation, building a tailored change management framework and deploying it to the project community and stakeholders across the organisation, we were able to create a versatile and scalable change management framework that provided guidance and efficiency over the long term.

This business, as well as many others we’ve worked with, was able to manage the complexity of change to achieve its objectives and retain its competitive advantage, with minimal disruption to BAU along the way.

A new approach

But while individual leaders and teams approach the process of change in altogether different ways, there remains one constant in successful and sustainable change. At Blue Seed, we call this Change Intelligence or CQ. CQ is the capacity to be aware of and control change – authentic CQ turns great leadership into exceptional change-making.

As a change management consulting firm based in Sydney, Australia, Blue Seed’s unique and proven approach to change is about building a culture of change and integrating a learning process of change along the way (not simply a FIFO approach), which are the keys to growth and success.

Thriving in change

With change, an ever-shifting constant, and the future of work creating never before seen challenges, the standard Op Model of many firms are being put under increasing pressure. This ‘bridge’ between the strategy and the process, is at the crux of change.

We know that some of the most pressing issues of CEO’s today include longer-term planning, globalisation and the impact of technology; essentially adapting to the fourth industrial revolution.

The pandemic, new ways of working, automation, AI and digitisation come hand in hand with significant challenges. But truly Change Intelligent leaders will see the unparalleled opportunities that lie ahead and adapt their strategy, their portfolio, and their approach to maximise their capability and thrive.