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Comprehensive awareness-building an essential ingredient for massive infrastructure delivery


Our Client is involved in designing, planning and managing programs to ensure the effective and efficient rollout of Australia’s largest-ever infrastructure program. Steered by the Service Operations division, these programs can span the entire value chain, from the receipt of orders for new services utilising the new infrastructure, through to the final step of activating the services at an end-user premises.

Clear and robust communications played a vital role in communicating the changes to impacted teams operating from different offices around the country.


Blue Seed Consulting worked with division managers, program managers, project managers and subject matter experts in top-down and bottom-up fashion to cover all manner of change communications support. There was particular emphasis on ensuring that change was also explained in terms of people impact and aligned with audience needs.

This translated to a schedule of change communication activities and supporting artefacts that helped project managers confidently explain the changes to internal and external partners and consult with them on managing the impact effectively.

At program level, a new communications framework improved clarity and collaboration with different business units needed to support change and the improvement program as a whole. A key supporting artefact for this was a new interactive online portal that gave a voice to vital program information and updates.


  • Change communications for individual initiatives/projects helped program and project managers to clearly articulate the aims, impact and outcomes to internal and external business partners
  • The new communication framework defined the vital relationships and engagement schedule (with key stakeholders) to reinforce the collaborative change support model
  • The new self-service online portal and enterprise social media platform established a central repository for consistent, real-time information.