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Preparing a national telco workforce for transformation


Our Client’s business environment includes 3rd party Franchisees, direct Alliance partners and a company owned network, all of which were undergoing significant change.

The program consisted of 4 project streams including re-igniting a customer-centric and service culture (with significant behaviour change needed at all levels); re-branding and physical store refits and relocations; Franchise acquisitions and transitions of people to new operating models and retail agreements; refresh of supporting sales and service systems and a new Workforce Management System; refresh of supporting processes and the introduction of revised operating procedures and standards.


Blue Seed was engaged to join the Program once the National Pilot was underway to “build a change plan for each impacted Store”.

Our Change Lead and one consultant worked to formulate an integrated change approach and schedule nationally, that brought together many project components across 4 project streams, into one sensible and do-able change experience for impacted frontline teams.

Across all 4 project streams, bespoke interventions were formulated for Change Leaders (Steering Committee and State Managers), Middle Managers (Area Managers and Store Managers) and Frontline retail Team Members across the various networks. Emphasis was on:

  • a suite of targeted readiness activities at Head office and Store level
  • implementations with high touch support models
  • embedding activities with reinforcing incentive and compensation plans; and
  • a measurement approach, underpinning the whole program of change, with active feedback loops and follow through


The program dashboard is still tracking KPIs across the value chain – sales results, customer experience (service NPS, Mystery Shopping) and employee experience (engagement and change-related sentiment).

Notwithstanding the anticipated performance dip, all indicators are trending positively with no adverse change-related media attention. For the 6th month in a row, Voice of Teams change surveys report 96% perceived readiness and 98% perceived sustainability (average of 60% response rates).

Nine months later Blue Seed consultants were still leading the ‘People stream’ of this large scale transformation.