Re-organisation or M&A activity

People are the key drivers of successful operating model and M&A change; give them the support they need.

Overall business performance and the impact your talent has in carrying out their roles are significantly determined by the design of your organisation.

Equally important is how well people understand the operating model and how to behave within it. To enable continuous productivity, collaboration and innovation, people need the tools and guidance to change their ways of working.
Whether your re-organisation is part of a merger, to reduce costs for competitiveness, enable customer-centricity or reduce management bureaucracy, Blue Seed can help.

At Blue Seed, we work with you to assess, design and implement your ideal future-state organisation and implement tactics to enable the workforce to perform and support it.

The Challenge

Organisational change is hard

Re-organisation is among the most challenging organisational changes to plan and execute.

They present risks and opportunities. Flawed implementation risks damaging business impacts like:

  • Disruption to operations, sales and revenue performance
  • Damage to workforce engagement, culture and performance
  • Loss of talent and corporate knowledge
  • Brand damage in the eyes of both customer and talent
  • Failure to realise intended benefits.

Along with business disruption, many human sensitivities and legal risks come with a re-organising process. People get attached to their job (their family’s livelihood), so when you mess with it, you’d better have a good rationale for doing so and support them through it.

Your new operating model will fall apart without an informed, strategically committed and engaged workforce.

What is your catalyst for change?

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Organisational design
  • Cost reduction in overhead
  • Customer centricity
  • Restructures
  • Operating model changes

How we can help

Blue Seed has extensive experience guiding executive teams through complex, large-scale re-orgs and M&A integration programs.

Our most experienced expert consultants provide advice, mentoring and coaching to your CEO, executive team and other stakeholders to make sure your re-org or M&A initiative delivers a huge volume of benefits that continue to yield tangible business value for years to come.

Along with the proven experience of our most experienced talented consultants, Blue Seed’s Re-Org Change methodology and industry-tested implementation plans will guarantee success.

With this support you can proceed with confidence, peace of mind and a high degree of certainty that your initiative will succeed.

Target State Org-Design Clarity & Alignment

Our executive facilitators will stress-test the design and align your leaders before implementing the change.

Op-Model Change Advisory

Build leadership capability and implement effectively by bringing in an experienced change leader to coach, mentor and guide your management team through implementation.

Change Training Programs

Operating model changes present the toughest challenge a leader can face. Prepare your people to perform.

Executive Team Development

Tap the individual and collective strengths of your leadership team, to strengthen culture, drive change and inspire high-performance.

Cultural Agility

Use Blue Seed’s proven Culture Change Accelerator method to give your people the mindset, beliefs and behaviours to thrive in constant change.

Change Leadership Development

Transformation success hinges on leadership. Prepare your leaders to perform.

Transformation People Change Strategy

Lay the foundations for transformation success.

Op-Model Change Management and Communications

Know how your people will be impacted then arm them with the mindsets, knowledge and skills to succeed in the new model.

Strategic Communications Hub

Align your workforce with effective information distribution.

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